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What is it?

Pro Engine Ultra is a special Supplement that improves the quality of petrol and diesel fuels. It can be used on any internal combustion engines. The unique composition of Pro Engine, which formed molecules of GP, provides a uniform performance.


Pro Engine Ultra eliminates precipitation of the chambers of engines. This increases the lifetime of motors. The tool is allowed to mix with all types of fuel. It improves the quality of petrol and diesel, regardless of their degree of contamination. Regular use Pro Engine Ultra reduces the friction between the individual elements of the engine. This reduces the amount of maintenance needed to maintain the motor in working condition. Using Pro Engine Ultra, you can achieve the following: to increase the octane number of the fuel; to improve the performance of the motor; to reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel; restore the fuel system to the motor; remove from motor third-party agents. Pro Engine Ultra stands out against competitors. Other products used to maintain the motors and increase their service life, is not able to protect the engine from sediment. This shortage is deprived of Pro Engine Ultra. Due to the fact that it increases the quality of the fuel used, the additive is able to prevent premature failure of the power unit. The result will be reduced costs associated with car maintenance.

Instructions for use

In order to improve the quality of fuel, you must first fill the tank with 25-30 liters of gasoline or diesel. After that you must enter a syringe full Pro Engine, with the engine off. If the additive used for the cleaning of motors with smaller displacement (scooters, motorcycles), the amount of funds necessary to reduce twice. Pro Engine Ultra re-apply after 5 thousand kilometers.


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