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What is it?

FuelFree is a device that allows the owner of the car to lower fuel consumption. Magnet consisting of two parts, economical fuel affects the fuel, which increases the efficiency of the motor. Testing of product is able to achieve decent results: reduce fuel consumption up to 20%, reduce engine wear and increase power. On the basis of performance tests, was received certificate of product safety and quality.
Device FuelFree can be applied to any kind of transport: cars, agricultural machines, motorcycles. Moreover the device is well suited for installation on engines of the special transport and water transport. No matter diesel or petrol engine, FuelFree “need” only one thing – the internal combustion engine.


At the heart of any fuel is the hydrocarbon. In the result of fluctuations in temperature its molecules are attracted to each other, which leads to the formation of molecular groups (clot). The main problem is that the generated clusters are not always broken down with oxygen and burned, and out through the exhaust pipe together with the exhaust gases. Only because of FuelFree, or rather through them creating a magnetic resonance frequency, it is possible to destroy the molecular group and the positively charged molecules of matter. In other words, economical fuel FuelFree to promote full combustion of fuel, reduction of fuel consumption. By reducing the load on the catalyst, this device leads to a reduction in harmful emissions (CO and CH up to 40-50%). FuelFree is the achievement of foreign specialists, which is successfully used by owners of vehicles of Europe and America. By installing this economicaly fuel for the vehicle, its owner gets obvious advantages: Reducing the load on the engine and spark plugs. The increase in motor output. A fuel saving of up to 20%. Lower emissions of harmful substances into the environment. Low cost product that pays for itself quickly. Simple installation.

Instructions for use

The secret of success of economies fuel is the material from which the magnets are neodymium alloy (has high magnetic properties), boron, and iron. This alloy allows you to create high-frequency magnetic field. FuelFree installation into the vehicle simple and will not take much time (about 20 minutes). For the installation of the device does not even need to be a mechanic and use special means and tools. No need to connect FuelFree to an external power source. You just need according to the installation instructions, which is in the box, fasten it on the hose for fuel delivery. The FuelFree device is fully Autonomous and does not require additional maintenance.


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