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What is it?

EKONOR – The original box, which is included in the outlet, will not spoil the interior of your apartment. EKONOR is included in any of your outlets in the house. No professional skills are required for this. The appliance is completely safe. In addition, it will protect against short circuits in the wiring.
The original energy economist EKONOR makes it possible to reduce electricity bills by almost half. The minimum savings are thirty percent. In addition, it extends the life of computers, electric ovens, electric kettles and some other appliances that work from electricity.


It is known that the electric alternating current has active and reactive components. The active component is used to turn on and operate equipment and fixtures. The reactive component arises in the presence of coils of inductance and capacitors in various devices that are used in the household, but this element of current does not bring particular benefits. That is, it does not activate the work of technology. However, the reactive type also affects the meter's performance, for which it then has to pay considerable money to utilities. And the more different devices are used, the greater the amount of this current component. And here EKONOR is applied in order to minimize the energy consumption of the reactive component, so that the electric bill for the future is significantly reduced. In addition, the economist protects the apartment / house from power surges, short circuits, smoothes the electric current, which also positively affects the amount of energy consumption.

Instructions for use

EKONOR needs to be inserted into the nearest socket from the meter and everything, you do not have to worry more about the amount of the electrician. The main thing is to ensure that in the room in which you plan to connect the device, the humidity of the air was not more than 85%. It should be said that the economist is completely legal means, since he does not deceive the counter. Therefore, you can use it quite calmly, without fear.


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